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May 21, 2019

Post Op

It's been a really hard day.

I told you that Grandpa had been suffering with kidney stones and today was his scheduled surgery. Except that we were scheduled for !:00 and it was 7:45 before his surgery actually started. At one point they were talking like we might have to leave and come back on Tuesday. Both of us were adamant that we would stay at the hospital until they arranged to get this surgery done.

So we waited.

         ...and waited...

                 ... and waited.

We had been admitted and placed in a room, so at least Grandpa was fairly comfortable. He even let me snap a picture for you.

We can't do the surgery until WHAT time??

He finally endured the relatively quick surgery while the doctor blasted away the stones. Post-op and recovery were pretty short and we finally got home about 9:30. He is resting comfortably now and I'm trying to pull my life back together. Thank good Drama Queen has Mondays off and she spent the day being me.

Actually, she probably did "me" better than I do me.

Thanks, Drama Queen!
And thank you everyone for your prayers and sweet wishes for a quick recovery for Grandpa. We very much appreciate it.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

I was sad to read that your Grandpa had to have surgery and the wait was ridiculous. I hate those kinds of things. I'm happy he got through it OK. Way to go Drama Queen for being your Mom for the day. Blessings and hugs for all!


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