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Jul 8, 2011

Food for Thought - Groovy

I know you are all dying to hear more about the craziness of our Idaho trip, but I couldn't resist putting up my recipe this week! Remember I told you we spent the fourth of July at my MIL's house? Well, this recipe is fast-becoming a fourth of July tradition although that's not the way it started. Way back in the 60s, when my sweetie's grandma first heard about Carnation Instant Breakfast, she figured she could do better. Carnation's idea was a healthy drinkable breakfast, hers was the same except she wanted it to taste amazing. Since they ran a dairy, she had access to plenty of ice cream, so she started with that. She mixed in some beaten eggs, undiluted orange juice, and then some milk. Then she threw the whole works into the blender with a cup of corn flakes. It was good, but not perfect. It took her a few tries and one major difference...she poured the mixture over the corn flakes rather than stir crushed ones into the cup. That made the whole thing less drinkable but more delicious. She chose a totally 60s name for it...and Groovy was born. My sweetie and his siblings all love it and I thought it was amazing the first time I tried it. That said, several of my kids hate it and some of them won't even try it. Bossy and the Drama Queen have nightmares about it. Teach loves it and she even tried to recreate the recipe for her dad's birthday. She did a very good job, but since she couldn't get ice cream mix (you know, the kind you put in a soft serve ice cream machine), she used orange/vanilla ice cream and melted it down. It worked much better than regular vanilla ice cream melted down. The recipe is a bit vague as it was written by my MIL, so tweak it until you get it the way you like it. Let me know what you think!


Word for word from Grandma's cookbook.

Some undiluted orange juice
some melted ice milk
beaten eggs

My sweetie suggests a 12-oz can of orange juice (undiluted), 1/2 gallon of ice cream mix, 1 quart of egg substitute such as Egg Beaters, and 12 ounces of milk.  

1 comment:

Gamer said...

If that tastes anything like the wasal you guys made me try one year.... (worst taste ever!)


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