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Jul 10, 2011

The Craziness Just Keeps on Coming

I have this deal with my kids…I pay for their cell phones, but I also get to scroll through their texts and calls whenever I want. So last night while Dog Walker, Princess, Prima Donna, and Crafty were at the pool, I exercised my rights and checked out Princess’s phone. It seems that she was a bit unhappy with all our time in the car yesterday. This morning I decided it was time to make sure the kids had a little say in our last day of activities. After a quick poll, the thing on everyone’s list was a nice leisurely dip in the pool. (The top of Princess’s list was to not ride for a long time in the van…) So after breakfast, we spent an hour in the pool. Even Baby Doll enjoyed herself so much she fell asleep in my arms in the water. 
After we gorged ourselves at our favorite endless buffet, we loaded the kids in the car and drove for an hour (we can’t possibly let Princess think she runs our world), until we crossed the state line into Oregon. I know, we drove for two hours with 10 kids, 5 under the age of 6, just so we could say that we had been to Oregon. 

Ontario is a small town, but it was big enough to have a WalMart, and we needed bread for sandwiches on the way home. We loaded two carts full of kids and headed for the bakery. After grabbing a couple of loaves of bread, we couldn’t possibly get out of there without visiting the toy aisle. My sweetie said something about “herding cats,” as they scattered like marbles. The boys were drooling over the Cars 2 toys (in between trips to the bathroom) and the girls disappeared to the Barbie aisle. I tried to stand in the middle of the toys and keep them contained as much as possible. 

After letting all the little kids choose one car each and then cleaning up the dozen or so cars they knocked off the shelf, the girls came around the corner with a box. “Princess is going to buy a Justin Bieber doll!” announced the Prima Donna. My sweetie rolled his eyes. Princess smiled her prettiest smile, “It’s only five dollars,” she said. “Really?” I asked, I love a good bargain. “Do they have any more?” We headed back to the Barbie aisle and stirred through the shelves until we rounded up two more. I placed all three triumphantly in the cart. 
Prima Donna was excited to be the proud new owner of her very own JB doll. That only left one. I remembered that Teach was a fan of the JB movie, so I was thinking she would love to have one until she texted me and told me I was silly… By then it was too late. We had rounded up the kids, checked out, and were headed to the van. There was no way I was going back inside. 

Rockin' out!
We bought the Dog Walker a book that he promptly shared with the kids. Then Princess and Prima Donna started ripping open the JB boxes. The Dog Walker couldn’t resist the opportunity to start singing Never Say Never. Soon the entire back seats were joining in at the tops of their lungs. That’s about the time I had a brilliant beyond brilliant idea. Remember the story about the JB poster? Dog Walker hid it from my sweetie… then my sweetie hid it from Dog Walker? Well, the way I have it figured, my sweetie had a debt to pay... 

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Hi I'm Rhonda. said...

we have the same rule about the cell phones and the other day the son was complaining about his complete lack of privacy! he didn't like my explanation that privacy is for when you are an adult.


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