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Jan 20, 2011

Meet the Fam

My sweetie and I have been married for 27 years. We are both from small towns in Utah and we have raised our children on the Wasatch Front. We had always wanted a big family and we were definitely blessed with one.  Meet the kids...

My oldest daughter (we’ll refer to her as "Bossy") is helping me set up this blog. She definitely suffers from "oldest-child-syndrome." She insists that to preserve our anonymity we must choose code names for each of us. I figure there really isn’t any way of hiding from our friends and they are probably the only ones likely to read this blog anyway, but it just isn’t worth arguing with her. (Hence the name, Bossy, get it?!) 

Bossy is married to "Gamer" and they have two boys, 6-year-old "Taco" and nearly 4-year-old "Burrito." (She chose those names, not me, although they are cute enough to eat!) Gamer also has a son from a previous relationship who is 8. He often joins us for special days and on weekends. Let’s call him "Bean-Dip." 

My 23-year-old son loves to work out, so he can be "Gym Rat." My 21-year-old daughter is twin-majoring in English and Theater, so we can call her the "Drama Queen." My 19-year-old daughter is majoring in Elementary Ed, so we need to call her "Teach." 

My 17-year-old son has a very successful dog-walking business, so I want to call him "Dog-Walker." All of my younger girls dance, but my 14-year-old has a guy friend who calls her "Princess," so that is her new name. My 12-year-old just got her pointe shoes, so she can be "Prima Donna." My 10-year-old loves to dance, but she is also a big-time crafter, so we will call her "Crafty." My seven-year-old son plays basketball and soccer, so "Sport" sounds like a good name for him. 

The five-year-old is just like her oldest sister, but we can’t call her Bossy, so we need to find another good name for her. Since I love "To Kill A Mockingbird," and she just became a Girl Scout a couple of months ago, we’ll call her "Scout." My 2-year-old has beautiful white curls and big blue eyes, so I think we’ll call him "Curly." And finally, we have my little one. She is 3 ½ months old and definitely my "Baby Doll."

My husband loves Big Daddy shirts, so he can be "Big Daddy." My dad has a room here, so at the risk of being obvious, we will just refer to him as "Grandpa." And me, well I could go with "Bifocals," but the pain of that is just too new, so how about "Mom"?


Neal said...

Mom... Beaner is a racist term!

Mom said...

Sorry! Should we change it?!

Drama Queen said...

It inspires me to flatulence jokes. :)


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