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Sep 22, 2014

Rest of the School Pics 2014

Aren't my kids awesome?! They know how rough my life has been lately and how bad I feel when I don't post so they have jumped in to help me put something up every day. Even Scout and Teach worked out the post yesterday. Wasn't it cute?

I think life is full of capturing the moments and that is what my blog seems to do. I don't suppose it matters if I'm doing the writing or someone else is doing it for me. We have such a crazy life here! Today we celebrated Princess's 18th birthday with a big family party although her actual birthday is on Wednesday. Teach is starting a new job and so the kids were all stressing about her finishing up their school pictures. She really is an amazing photographer!

Then we took the time to work on Visual Arts tonight for Reflections. I know, I am totally insane to let the kids all sit around my kitchen table with a huge pile of oil paints. It took me over half an hour just to wash out all the brushes and my hands are completely green. I've washed them about 10 times and I still can't get rid of all the color.

Bean Dip
The Dog Walker was scrubbing off the bench where Baby Doll was painting...

Oh well, they are memories, right? Good memories, I hope.

Prima Donna
I just enjoy being a mom and watching my kids develop their talents and skills. I love seeing them work together and play together. (Not sure which of those categories Reflections falls under.)

So tonight let me leave you with the last of the school pictures.

Thanks, Teach, for making this post so easy!



Anonymous said...

You have been making wonderful memories since you were first a MOM, your kids are loved, disciplined and wonderful..Your pictures are lovely and you will always have them for you and your families memories..What could be more wonderful nothing in my book! Miss Fajita and Bean Dip and Mr. Burrito are growing up into lovely young people and your other grandson tooQ!!!!!!!! Your children are so sweet..Oh, How I pray daily for many to read your blog and gain insight on parenting and raising wonderful loving children with faith living in a wonderful home..You are to be commended. What is a little paint on your hands compared to the love and grace from God in your heart? nothing in my book. God's continued blessings to you and your husband and family!X()

Gamer said...

as funny as it seems to me or anyone else. But poor little Burrito makes the funniest faces when he is trying to not laugh but just smile. I love my kids so much. Atleast I can say one thing about my family/extended family. We aer all crazy,zainey, cookie, and what ever else describes us in words for crazy. I was told about a year ago a great parenting secret, " grandkids are the presents you get for not killing your own children." Well my MiL is proof of how many more grandkids and so she is going to have for having so many kids in her life.

LeAnn said...

Teach does take some awesome pictures. I hope someday to meet your family or at least run into them sometime since we live fairly close. You are such an amazing family.
Blessings for you all!


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