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Sep 29, 2014

Guest Blog: Making Scripture Journals by Elder Dog Walker

I know that I haven't got to guest blog about my mission for a while, but I want to explain another challenge that I'm about to do. I wanted to keep it a secret, since it would be for my entire family as a Christmas gift for Christmas of 2014.

I have a feeling that I revealed the surprise and most of my family members would figure out what I've been trying to do and I think I'll have to give up the plan to do it. I was going to make my entire family a set of Scripture Journals for each member.

What I do was to make a cover on the front of a notebook with a family member's name with an apostrophe and an S and with Scripture Journal on it. Then I would add a smiley face right on the cover under the title. Then after that, I would print out scripture book chapters and put them on a page.

I figured since I got all the stories of chapters from the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and Pearl of Great Price, I have to improvise to try to get all the story chapters to fit into the entire notebook. The purpose for this journal is to read your scriptures and to write down in the journal of what you've learned from it and it would feel like you're glad the scriptures were written and translated. I hope you'll all enjoy about what my challenge would be.

But I guess since I would reveal the secret and surprise too soon before December, I will have to just give up and think of something else to give to my family for Christmas. :(


LeAnn said...

I think this was a terrific idea. Perhaps, you should do it later when you don't have so much to do. Or work on it one at a time. I don't know if i would totally give up the idea.
Blessings for your thoughtful idea!

Anna Banana said...

I love this idea. It is inspiring!


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