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Feb 15, 2012

Guest Blogger: Being in the Ballet by Prima Donna

There's me right in the center!

Scout is growing up into a beautiful ballerina!
I love to dance!! I have been dancing since I was three, doing two performances a year one at Christmas and one in spring. It becomes really fun when you turn nine because then you can participate in the ballet. They do an annual ballet every year and it is so fun!!  I have been in Sleeping Beauty twice, Coppelia, Swan Lake and now I’m in Sleeping Beauty again. A ballet is a dancing play for those of you who aren’t familiar with dance. I’ve never had any main roles, but Princess has. In Coppelia she was Swanhilda’s scaredy-cat friend, and in Swan Lake she was a princess the prince could have married (I guess that’s not a main part, but it was a solo). This year for Sleeping Beauty she has the best one though. She is Carabosse!! (Maleficent if you are familiar with the Disney version). She even gets to be on the advertisement poster!
Princess in the middle in her tutu.
The ballets aren’t just fun and games though, for 3-4 months we have practices almost every Friday night and Saturday afternoon. Normally practices are 2-3 hour, with most of us sitting there dead silent for half of the time. We have to be SUPER careful with costumes and props since they use the same ones year after year.

Sport is the second one from the left.
The ballets are so much fun too. We get three more performances a year, and we get to hang out with our dance friends every weekend. We get to buy candy from the vending machine in the school we perform at when we aren’t on. I mean we stay in the dressing room * sheepish face* and we get to character dance. Character dancing is cultural dancing with ballet mixed. It is the most fun thing EVER! I don’t have a character dance this year though. We get to do solos! We don’t do solos during our recitals so this is our only chance. We get to act, especially with Princess’s Carabosse figure, she has to act tons! She even gets to do a silent laugh!

We do the ballets as a family thing. Princess, Crafty and I do the normal dances. Dog Walker  is in it too. He is part of the Rose Adagio this year so he gets to flip and turn Aurora. Last year Sport was in it as a trumpeter. Mom always makes costumes. She made a BEAUTIFUL queen costume this year and is still working on the king costume.

 I love the ballets. I would do them twice a year!


Anonymous said...

We just signed JBird up for her first ballet class. I hope she enjoys it!

ccc said...

all my girls dance and they love it too!

Cindy said...

My girls are all grown up but they wish they had been in ballet. (They were in choir, Missionettes, swimming, etc.) But now they see ballerinas and wish they had been in dance too!

Beautiful costumes!

Tara said...

Your kids are gorgeous and it's so great that they love dancing so much! Beautiful!


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