Nov 11, 2019

Our Grand Adventure - Detroit

I'm not sure it is really fair to call this post Detroit since we barely stopped there, but it was the first destination on our Grand Adventure so it will stay. On Saturday afternoon, my sweetie and I climbed into an airplane in Salt Lake City and a few hours later we got off in a much colder airport in Detroit. Actually, the airport wasn't cold, it was pretty awesome! It even had a small commuter train that shuttled passengers from gate to gate that ran on a track above our heads.

From the airport, we climbed on a little shuttle of our own that ran us to the hotel where we would spend one quick night. On Sunday morning, my sweetie picked up our rental car before we packed up, checked out, and headed off to the nearest church which just happened to be nestled right in the middle of the Ford campus.

After sacrament meeting, we quickly got  on the road. We had a 5-hour drive ahead of us and a storm was rolling in.  Our ultimate goal was to cross the boarder into Canada since yours truly had NEVER been out of the country before!

We arrived at our little resort condo just after dark and we were both ready to relax and enjoy some down time.

Don't worry, I'll have lots more for you tomorrow!

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