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Mar 13, 2018

Drama Queen to the Rescue

Drama Queen has Mondays off, so she came over this morning and spent the entire day with me. It was so nice to hang around with her again, even if we were busy running errands. It was a quick trip to Sam's Club and then a run to the Girl Scout Council to pick up 15 more cases of cookies. (I know, but they offered me a $50 bonus if I would take them! Just for the record, my sweetie offered me $50 if I wouldn't...)

No, seriously, he is so supportive! We spent most of Saturday out delivering cookies and then we headed out about 6:30 tonight when Baby Doll got home from dance. We have been making great progress, but I still want to get most of them delivered before the booths start this weekend.

But I digress...

Drama Queen and I picked up Cat Lover from work and then we stopped by WalMart to grab a few things. It was fun to find Dog Walker and let him have 30 seconds to hug and kiss his wife. Then my amazing Drama Queen took me to the Maverik, filled up my car with gas, and once we got home, she unloaded all the groceries for me and made dinner while I took Scout to the chiropractor and did a quick workout at Curves.

Why are there no pics of us together?

She ate dinner with us before she headed home to take care of her own house and life. I just love Mondays.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Wow, another fun day in your overly busy life. You are so good at fiting in a mulitude of things in one day. I am happy you had your Drama Queen with you for the day.
Blessings and hugs for you two!


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