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Mar 14, 2018

Cave Tools are Perfect for Pi Day

You know my life gets a little hectic now and then. So even though today is officially Pi Day (or 3.14), we couldn't manage to have much of a celebration with everyone running different directions. Instead, we got most of the family together on Sunday to share a meal and of course eat pie.

Pulling it from the marinade.

Since we have had such beautiful weather, my sweetie opted to make barbecued chicken outside on the grill, which worked perfectly with the fact that I had an opportunity to review another Cave Tool product. I love pretty much all of their stuff, but this is one of my favorites; the Complete Grill Set.

Tongs do a great job too.

It comes with three different pieces, the spatula, the fork, and the tongs, all of which will likely be the best you have ever used. My sweetie's favorite are the tongs, because he can easily grab and lift any size piece of meat and still keep his hand far away from the heat. I like the spatula, but I mostly use it inside for flipping cookies and french toast.

They are all heavy duty and I just throw them in the dishwasher in the top rack since they are too tall to fit in my utensil holder. You know, Spring is coming and you will definitely need something nice for yourself from the Easter Bunny and to sweeten the deal, you know I can hook you up with a discount if you order directly from Cave Tools. Just use coupon code GRILLSET15 to save 15%.

Or if you would rather use Amazon, they are available there by clicking this link.

Happy grilling, everyone! And happy Pi Day!

**We received a set of Cave Tools Complete Grill Set for our open and honest review of the product.**

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Wow, thanks for this review on CaveTools. I wll look into maybe getting this for my hubby. It is getting closer to barbeque weather. Of course, we use the grill in the winter too.
Loving thoughts and hugs!


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