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Apr 16, 2018

Run, Run, as Fast as You Can!!

My sweetie says I bring a lot of the craziness on myself and he is probably right, but Saturday was so hard that I had to come home from church today and take a 3-hour nap.

I was up late on Friday night getting ready for the boutique and I was so not ready for that alarm that rang on Saturday morning before 6:00 AM. Scout and Curly needed to be in Riverton to help with the Girl Scout Cookie Chaser race. I got home with about half an hour to spare before I had to get Baby Doll out of bed for her softball game, so I loaded dishwashers and cleaned up the kitchen.

At 8:20 I left the house to get Baby Doll delivered and pick up the other 2 kids. After we watched Baby Doll play, I sent them all home with my sweetie and I ran to Herriman to try to sell Tupperware at the boutique for a couple of hours. I gathered up a little early so I could get to Scout's softball game on time, but I sold $70 worth of product, so that wasn't too bad.

After Scout's team was soundly trounced, we loaded up both cars and headed back to the house. We quickly unloaded the Tupperware while we waited for Bossy's family to show up and then we all drove up to Rio Tinto to watch the inaugural game of the first women's soccer league in Utah. We won the tickets from the Utah Girl Scout Council and the game was totally sold out.

We didn't get there until halftime and parking was a joke, but once we were there and settled, we enjoyed the rest of the game and then the Rachel Platten mini concert that followed. Sport took a bunch of pics for me, but he is in bed now. These are the only ones I got on my phone before it died.

I wish I could say I went home and relaxed for the rest of the day, but I still had to buy groceries (at 2 different stores) and get gas and fold a dozen batches of laundry. I finally headed upstairs with my sweetie to do some paid stitching while we watched a little TV and by the time we were finished, I was just too tired to post for you last night.

Today Prima Donna gave me a lecture about slowing down a little. I didn't really like it when she started the conversation by saying,. "Mom, you are getting older..."


Natalie Ockey said...

Busy day! Did you get a new camera? These photos look great. I've been bugging you to update that Fred Flintstone one you've been using. Consider it a blog expense.


LeAnn said...

Wow, another hectic day and the thought of; "How Does She Do It All". I just can't imagine how you manage to cram so much into one day. I too think you need to slow down a tad.
Loving thoughts, prayers, and hugs for you!


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