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Nov 8, 2018

Hanging out with Skittles

Gamer is a custodian in our school district and he was recently transferred and ended up with an earlier shift. That means I get to hang out with this cute guy for a couple of hours every day instead of just half an hour until his mama comes.

Skittles is almost 4 months old now and he has such a cute smile. When his tummy isn't hurting from the reflux, he is alert and so interested in his surroundings. In fact, maybe more so than any of my babies. He is finally filling out and he has chubby little legs.

His head has grown into his hair, but when he is with me, we still get tons of comments. Like today for instance, I was in Sam's Club having a bit of a freakout moment at the customer service desk because I couldn't find what I wanted when a man was just staring at my cute little guy who had finally fallen asleep.

"Wow, that's some cute kid you've got there!. Look at all that hair!" No, really, it's not just women. I have men who think he is super awesome too. I thanked him and he continued to enthuse over my cutie even as I walked away.

Look at these squishy cheeks! Who can blame him?


Bossy said...

I have found most men are incredibly jealous of his hair. Especially those who are thinning.

LeAnn said...

You do have one really adorable precious baby there. You are a lucky Grandma. Enjoy the moments with this one!
Blessings and.hugs!


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