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Jul 12, 2018

One Last Cub Country Adventure

You probably remember that I'm no longer a leader in the cub scouts, but Curly is still a Bear for a few more weeks and that meant one last trip to Cub Country. Since he is my youngest son, I couldn't resist the opportunity to volunteer, so yesterday we spent the day together at Camp Tracy getting dirty and having a good time.

The theme was Frontier Time, so we got to do a lot of wild west activities like hiking, tug of war, and Morse code. Curly's favorite activity was definitely shooting the BB guns although he complained that the sights were off because he only hit his target twice. The target was only about 5" x 5", so I was pretty impressed, but he was sure with his own gun he could definitely do better.

Our last rotation was to do skits on the stage and of course he couldn't resist the urge to fall to the ground during his scene. You would not believe how dirty and dusty that kid can get in less than 5 minutes! At least he didn't get hurt. One little guy jumped off a picnic table and broke his leg...

Now that's an adventure I would rather not have... oh wait, Baby Doll jumped off a swing a couple of weeks ago and broke her elbow in two places and she is still in a cast. I guess we are already having that adventure.

1 comment:

LeAnn said...

Loved the photos of your Cub Scout adventure. It looked like a fun one. You do like to have fun, and I enjoy reading about it all. Blessings and hugs!


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